I’m pretty sure that’s what both kids have been thinking all morning.

  • How dare you let us watch Robin Hood in bed this morning after we woke up cranky but couldn’t go back to sleep?
  • How dare you make us our favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs & toast with jelly? And give us chocolate milk?
  • How dare you let us pick out our own clothes?
  • How dare you take us to the grocery store? And make us sit in our favorite race car basket? And eat our favorite snack? And ugh, talk to our favorite produce guy?
  • How dare you buy us our favorite lunchables, so that you could get the groceries put away as soon as we got home?
  • How dare you tell us that we have to take a nap today?

It’s been that kind of day. The “we spent too much time getting spoiled by grandma & we haven’t seen Daddy enough” meltdown kind of day.  And it’s only noon.


Yep. That’s a camera, all right. In my toilet. Wedged Flushed into place.

I know Chase just loved getting this call 30 minutes after he got to work today: “So, Carter tried to flush a camera. Should I just let it sit there til you get home or do you want me to call a plumber?”

Let’s look on the bright side, though. At least I cleaned my toilets yesterday.

*edit* to clarify, that’s not my camera…it’s an old one that I’d given Claire to play with so she’d leave mine alone. It sat there for about 10 hours until Chase got home & used a pair of grill tongs to pry it out.

Saturday we had my baby girl’s third birthday party. Her big day isn’t until the 31st but because May is always such a crazy month we had her party early.

Someone (ahem-Chase) put the bug in her ear that she should have a Hello Kitty party. I’d already had it all planned out-a Candy Land theme…jar after jar of candy, fun rainbow decorations, even a little pathway just like the game. Which is why we ended up with a candy bar. A very scaled down candy bar compared to what I’d originally planned, but piles of candy nonetheless. I’d already purchased about 20lbs of candy & I wanted it out.of.my.house.

That is about 10x less than the amount I’d originally had planned for the Candy Land party. And let me just say this…I will not be eating M&M’s for a very, very long time. After sorting 10 bags of them by color, the smell makes me want to urp.

I had SO much fun putting her party together this year. She kind of got what it meant to have a party when she turned 2. She sort of realized what was going on when Carter turned 1. But this year? She was ALL OVER IT. Every day last week, she’d ask me: “Is today my party? Is today the Hello Kitty car party FOR MEEEEE?” The insomnia, the stressing over whether packages would get here in time, the failed batch of cupcakes, the backache from sitting for so long & making her banner? It was all worth it when she woke up from her nap on Saturday & walked in to our dining room.

The single best moment(s) from the party? Every time the doorbell rang, I’d say “Claire! Someone is here!” She would take off running as fast as she could across the house, throw open the front door & scream “MY FWIEND! You are here! It’s my Hello Kitty birthday today!” She sang happy birthday to herself, ate at least 4 cupcakes, played her little heart out, & hugged & kissed on each & every one of her friends.

As hard as it is to see my baby girl leave her baby years behind, I get such joy out of watching her grow up & change right before my very eyes.

Quiet Time

It’s hard work being a beautiful princess, what with the tending to your own little dwarf at home, picking up toys & eating poison peanut butter apples all morning.

And I’m positive that Super Man would absolutely approve of his newest side kick taking a few hours to recharge his batteries. Saving the world is hard work, yo.

Little Miss Sunshine

If you are lucky enough to know Claire, the moments you spend with her are filled with sunshine.

There is something so deeply special about her. She has the kindest heart of any three year old that I know. My sweet little Claire Elise wants nothing more than for everyone around her to be happy, to be laughing & smiling. Her giggles can quiet a crowded room because everyone wants to see where that beautiful sound is coming from. Her eyes are so deep & knowing. Looking into them, it feels like I’m looking into the eyes of someone many decades older.

This picture captures who she is so well. So carefree, happy with life, enjoying the moment. The essence of being three.

Is it any coincidence that her favorite song is “You Are My Sunshine”?

This is my life

Those two little faces? They are what gets me out of bed each day & keeps me going. Literally, figuratively, physically, emotionally, mentally-any word you can think of to describe that phrase & they fit the bill.

I cannot get enough of these two. Their sweet little faces. Silly words. Beautiful little baby voices. Sticky hands. Stinky feet. Crazy hair. Tantrums. Kisses. Hugs. Pleas to be picked up. Cuddled. I am in 100% complete, pure, deep, unbiased love with these little people.

So many times throughout the day, I find myself stopping what I’m doing & staring at their faces. Drinking it all in. Trying to burn images into my memory, every small detail of their faces. I’m not a big picture taker. I always say that I’m going to do a better job of capturing the small moments with them, creating lasting evidence of these times. Most of the time though, my camera is put away, hidden in a drawer in an attempt to keep small sticky fingers from scratching the screen, shoving things in the battery wells, or prying the lens cover open. And when I do bring out the camera, it still sits there, waiting to be picked up because I am too busy taking in the moment, watching my babies.

No words I can come up with could do justice to explain the love these two have for each other. They are inseperable. Not even Momma’s love or hugs & kisses can cure things the way that they can for each other. While they might brush off one of my hugs, give me their forehead rather than their little lips when I ask for a kiss, respond to my “I love you” with a “thanks mommy”, they never deny one another any affections. Holding hands constantly, running to give hugs when one is hurt or upset, quick kisses when they think I’m not watching. I woke up this morning to hear this over the baby monitor: “I YOVE you, Carter. You heard dat? I YOVE you.” To which he responded “meee yomo sissy”. Now that? Is how I like to start my mornings off.

It’s not always sunshine around here. There are definitely fights and tantrums, disobedience, selective hearing. The good always outweighs the bad though. My little munchkins have such beautiful spirits, sweet little personalities, happy dispositions that the bad moments never last long. They love to be happy & love to make me happy. Claire is constantly inquiring to the state of everyone’s moods. All day long-“Mommy, are you happy? What about me? Am I happy? Is Buddy happy? EVERYONE IS HAPPY!!!” Carter almost always has a smile on his face. These two? Are just so damn happy with life, it honestly brings me to tears at times.

As we speed towards Claire’s 3rd birthday, I look at these two & can’t imagine living any other life.

This is my life & I go to bed each & every night so grateful, filled to the brim with love.

I wish

Some days, all we can do is put one foot in front of the other. The first step is always the hardest. The foot is so heavy, so weighed down with our troubles. But we can’t get anywhere until we take that first step. And then? We take another step. And another. And soon, we are marching forward, one step after another. Never looking back, only looking ahead, to see where our hard won steps are taking us. Occasionally, we look to the side. Look to find another hand to hold, to help steady us on our journey. And before we know it, we’re there.

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